Х St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum

Past year’s St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum gathered 15 participants from various countries and more than 30 Russian region. There were more than a hundred different events during three days of intense work at the Forum, which contained plenary sessions, panel discussions, seminars and masterclasses.

This year the events are also going to take place during three days, September 20-22, and besides common presentations and seminars, there exists a matchmaking platform already. Registration is available free-of-charge for all the forum participants, who can hunt interesting for them partners in advance. In virtue of this system, our participants are able to organize business meetings and develop their event schedule in the most efficient way. Being more specific about the benefits of the system, it gives an opportunity:

  • to get acquainted with the broad information database about participants and companies who might later become your potential partners
  • to post information about your company, products or services for the further promotion or search of projects and partners within the professional framework
  • to conform and schedule business meetings within the frames of the Forum
  • to conduct the meetings in a comfort communication zone