On March 28, 2017, CLEANTECH LATVIA opened its official representative office in Uzbekistan. Opening event was organized in collaboration with Latvian embassy in Uzbekistan and Extraordinary and Pleninotentiary ambassador Edgars Bondars. During the gala event, Latvian Agriculture minister Janis Duklavs, ambassador Edgars Bondars and CLEANTECH LATVIА Chief Excecutive Officer Evija Pudane gave their speeches, furthermore, Finish Water Forum Chief Excecutive Officer Ketri Mehtonen performed on behalf of BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE partners. We flatter the support for such an important moment to become true from collegues from Latvia, Findland and Uzbekistan, and several foreign organizations. We are also grateful to CLEANTECH LATVIA partners, who, in such numerous composition, joined such an important event in Tashkent.

The main purpose for CLEANTECH LATVIA representative office to exist is to pursue collaboration for environmental protection and bio-economics industry between Latvia, Finland and Uzbekistan, while being a representative for partners’ interests of the entire BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE. We would also like to higlight the fact that CLEANTECH LATVIA is currently the only non-governmental organization that has an official representative office in Uzbekistan.