CB2East project, funded by EU INTERREG Central Baltic Programme aims at strengthening the Central Baltic Region’s economic competitiveness on the markets of Central Asia and Russia, by creating commercially targeted open innovation platforms between Latvia and Finland.

The focus areas are in sustainable eco-efficiency and water expertise solution needs in North-West Russia and Central Asia.

Both regions have shown notable market potential for the Finnish and Latvian SMEs but the lack of critical mass and certain capabilities have been an obstacle for successful commercial entries to the markets. Here a cluster-based approach for cooperation is used promoting cooperation between already established clusters forming “meta-clusters”, which is the BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE, in order to enable the SMEs to enter to new markets.

Expected outputs are transnational coaching programmes for cluster intermediaries and SME’s including tools for building and strengthening the cooperation and increasing cultural understanding and business capabilities. For partners benchmarking trips to targeted areas, joint events, market intelligence tools and long-term strategic action plans are made. Final output is a continuous and commercially successful transnational state-of-art cooperation in between two countries and a model that can be spread to the neighbouring.

The project lifetime is September 2015 – May 2018.


BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE is a cooperation between Finnish Water Forum, CLEANTECH LATVIA and Green Net Finland clusters, undertaking joint activities with the aim to enter new markets and support SME’s on their global expansion strategies.

BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE is going to improve resource management, knowledge sharing, new market exploration and help companies to plug in to global value chains. Over the activities, Central Baltic SMEs will be supported to enter into new markets through innovations, product development and internationalization, which are relevant preconditions for sustainable growth.

BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE creates unique combinations of Latvian and Finnish cluster’s complementary competences with good potential to develop specialized solutions to the target market needs. We support transnational cluster’s intermediaries on their operational projects helping companies in their business development and fruitful commercialization of joint ideas internationally.

BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE is opened for new partnership and invites you work closely with us. To become our partner or for more information about the partnership, please contact us at info@balticcleantech.lv.


Potential partners

  • Private companies willing to growth faster through strong partnership and access to markets, knowledge and experience.
  • Research and education institutions willing to develop common research projects, exchange knowledge and experience, develop training programs oriented on sustainable consumption and production, build lifelong learning platform for our partners.
  • NGO, promoting sustainable economy principles, supporting SME’s, contributing to lower emission economies through different business support elements;
  • Government agencies, commissions or responsible structural units for effective communication with industry and society.
  • media – for sharing good practices to society.

Terms and condition for joining BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE please read here.

Reasons to join us

Focus on SME’s needs and sustainable economy through innovations – in BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE, you will meet entrepreneurs, officials, experts and other stakeholders to exchange experience and knowledge with. You will be able to get honest feedback on your challenges and concerns and inspiration to succeed in building sustainable profitable companies through good market knowledge, easier access to finance and appropriate mentoring.

By being part of BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE network you get access to our wide range of deliverables which helps you and your organization to become even more successful.

International marketing – BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE is focusing all activities on international marketing that will be implemented through benchmarking trips to target areas, joint events, market intelligence tools and long-term strategic action plans.

Transnational network of open minded organizations – our aim is to build a network of members that are focused on sustainable consumption and production, willing to contribute on their country economic growth and build strong international collaboration.